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Payments when channeled through the traditional methods of finance take a really long time. In fact, PayPal which is considered to be one of the quickest and easiest way to transfer money can also charge an astronomical amount of transaction fees, along with taking days before funds are actually transferred between the concerning parties. And this is where our wallet comes in. Because we operate on blockchain, it becomes fairly easy for anyone to transfer in and transfer out cryptocurrencies of any value very easily and without any undue hassle imposed on the users. And this is where we excel.

We truly believe that decentralized finance is the way to go forward. While some people claim that crypto market is currently having a bear run at the moment, with prices of each cryptocurrency plummeting to new lows, we believe that this is the precise moment when we must really invest in this industry – simply because it is undergoing such a massive overhaul. From the emerging cross-chain products, building of numerous dApps, and the upgrade to Ethereum 2.0, we truly believe that DeFi (decentralized finance) is the future. And its either going to replace centralized finance, or find a way to fuse with it.

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