A website is a living thing that must be cared for just like a plant or a pet. When you take care of a plant properly, you will see a blooming and flourishing plant that is healthy, beautiful and strong. A website needs the same attention. It's easy for websites to become stagnant and fall into neglect. They need to be cared for and updated on a regular basis. BugHerd is a software that can help you achieve this.

Website feedback is a crucial part of the development cycle. It can help identify bugs, but also find opportunities to improve your website and make it more user-friendly. However, collecting and organising feedback from your website can be difficult and time-consuming.

BugHerd is the best tool to collect, organise and act on website feedback. BugHerd's sophisticated bug tracking and feedback tools enable you to collect, organise and act on feedback from your website visitors and your clients. BugHerd enables you to create a dedicated feedback channel so you can provide your website visitors with direct and personalised feedback. You can also set up user roles, add custom fields, promote your feedback and send reminders to your clients.

Report website bugs in seconds

BugHerd's simple bug tracking tool sits on top of your website and lets you log a bug instantaneously.

Your feedback and comments are pinned to the element, letting your team access it directly from the webpage. Website bug tracking has never been easier.

BugHerd is more than just the best bug tracking tool

Get the data you need to resolve bugs and feedback fast. The BugHerd sidebar is more than a bug tracking tool - it provides the metadata you need, such as browsers, operating systems, exact URL, even screen resolution. It also helps you review the feedback you've given. View your own list of bugs and feedback, or see the entire team's.

You can also change due dates, set a severity, assign a bug, add comments, or attach additional files to your feedback and bug reports.



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