Packhelp is a leading supplier to help you create your own environmentally-conscious packaging. With low MOQs, online design, and a wide assortment of packaging, you can make your own unique look in a few clicks. In addition to using innovative packaging materials, Packhelp also sources sustainable materials to provide packaging that is better for the environment.

With our online platform, you can browse our wide selection of materials, view our exclusive collections, find information on packaging and more. From designing packaging to prototyping and manufacturing, Packhelp can help you find the perfect packaging solution.

It is the leading supplier of custom packaging and prototyping to the paper industry. From cups to boxes, paper wraps to tape, we make it easy to create unique, personalized packaging that's not just cost-effective, but also eco-friendly.

We all know that feeling of excitement when the package arrives.

Brands know it too and they want to offer you the best unboxing experience out there. But have you ever wondered who is behind that packaging? Meet Packhelp. We're an international group of 250 professionals who are helping over 50,000 companies across Europe. We're on our journey to become a leading global packaging marketplace.



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