Novolipetsk is a production site, biggest producer of steel and one of the world's most efficient steelmakers. NLMK's high-quality steel products are used in several strategic sectors of the economy, from construction and machine-building to the production of energy equipment and large-diameter pipes. With the production and processing of steel, the company has a special place in the steel development of Russia and the world.

The Russian steel company Novolipetsk Steel & Iron Works (NLMK) is the world's largest producer of steel. In 2008, NLMK produced 7.2 million tons of steel, and its production capacity is 8.7 mln tons per year. NLMK is a major manufacturer of steel pipes and tubes, and its products are used in the production of construction equipment, industrial machinery, and infrastructure.

Largest producer of high value added products

  • 31% – share of the Russian CRC market
  • 21% – share of the Russian HDG market
  • 19% – share of the Russian pre-painted steel market
  • 99% – share of the Russian transformer and dynamo steel market



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